Monday, March 10, 2008

Northampton Statuary

This Soldier and this Sailor stand guard outside of Memorial Hall in Northampton. I would like to put together a radio show, or perhaps a series, on 19th Century Downtown Architecture and Monuments. Memorial Hall might make an interesting case study. How were design decisions made, and by whom? What kind of a regulatory structure was in place--how did the public and private realms intersect in the construction of this building? Were there public discussions about the "meaning" of the building in the press? What was the building intended for, originally, and how has its use changed over time? Where did the materials for the building come from, and how were they transported? What is the significance of these two statues? Where were they cast, and by whom?

If anyone has any suggestions for whom I might talk to to get started, please let me know. I'll start by going to the Forbes and speaking with Elise Feeley, and will venture over to Historic Northampton as well. I would like to find somebody knowledgeable and conversant who would be good on the radio. Any Suggestions?

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