Tuesday, January 15, 2008

DA Rules Reckman Not In Violation of Open Meeting Law; Park Redesign Inspires Local Orators; LaBarge Passed Over in Ordinance Committee Selection

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Assistant DA Cynthia Pepeyne has ruled that City Councilor Bob Reckman was not in violation of Massachusetts Open Meeting Law in the weeks prior to his being sworn in to office. She did, however, warn him that, as a City councilor, he would be held to a higher standard....

Blogger Daryl LaFleur (northampton redoubt) checked in with the Community Radio Hour to report on this topic, as well as the subject of councilor Ray LaBarge's being passed over for appointment to the ordinance committee by newly-elected council president Jim Dostal. Click here for the .mp3:
Daryl Reports In

Paolo Mastrangelo borrowed the Zoom H2 to collect audio at the January 9 special BPW meeting on the Pulaski Park redesign. The first half of Sunday's show consisted of a produced half-hour of sound, featuring the words of those who stood and spoke at this meeting, including Claudio Lefko, Tris Metcalfe, and others. Hear cameo snippets by Mayor Clare Higgins, Gene Tacy, and Ed Shanahan...
radio show, 1-13-08

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