Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Housing on Hospital (erhh, Village) Hill

Couldn't make it to the planning board meeting? Hmm. Up on the hill, "Eastview" (12-unit Craftsman-style townhomes) and "Morningside" (11 Victorian-style single-family homes) are being built by Wright Builders and marketed by Goggins Real Estate in collaboration with Mass Development. This represents the first phase of residential housing on the hill. Construction will begin in spring of 2008. All of the buildings are LEED certified. (note: have been informed that this is not entirely accurate--see comment)

According to Jack Hornor, in a post to the Paradise City Forum, The goal for rental units at Village Hill is 25% market and 75% affordable, while the goal for home ownership units is 75% market and 25% affordable. The overall goal for the project is 50% market and 50% affordable.

According to Wright Builders' literature, the two-bedroom units will start in the low 300s and the 4-bedroom houses in the low 500s. The balance of affordable and market-rate units will be built over the course of the next 3-5 years.

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Daryl G. LaFleur said...

Just one clarification Mary. This according to today's Gazette, "Wright said most of the homes would be Energy Star compliant. However, he acknowledged that they would not become the first fully LEEDS-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design green building rating) residential project in the nation. Wright told the board that the reason his group chose not to go forward with LEEDS certification was a business decision.

"We can build to the LEEDS standard without actually getting the certification," Wright said."