Saturday, February 9, 2008

Buildings to be Demolished by MassHighway

Under the current plan promulgated by MassHighway, these buildings would be destroyed to make way for the ramp expansion at exit 19 of I91.

back of aquadro
back yard gothic house
barn and tree
blue house
multi family


P. Mastrangelo said...

Mary, outstanding service journalism!
thank you for your time and effort in going out and identifying the structures, taking photos, and than posting them. it is greatly appreciated.

such a simple exercise, yet so important and engaging.

WakeUpHamp said...

Those buildings and houses are a small price to pay for advancement. Wake up Hamp, time to get out of the stone ages. Now if we can figure out a way to raze Clair.

Marley said...


Lilly said...

Thanks Mary,

People's homes, businesses, some historic structures, and agricultural land. That's the cost of putting more cars on the road. Insanity! Lilly Lombard

Anonymous said...

well, who needs houses anyway, right?

Traffic is like gas- it expands to fit the space. CalTrans just sepnt about 5 years and a bazillion dollars to reconfigure and widen Santa Monica Blvd between Beverly Hills and Sepulveda Blvd to speed up traffic and it's still a nightmare commute. Why? Because eveyone in LA thinks public transportation is for losers and drives, singly to their destination. most likely the valley needs better bus service so people won't need to commute as much via automobile