Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Roessler meets Hornor on Hospital Hill

What was the rationale for tearing down Old Main, the massive 19th-century stone and brick edifice that stood at the center of the former Northampton State Hospital? Jack Hornor, (photo to the left), a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee that recommended the demolition of the historic building, squares off with historic preservation advocate Mark Roessler (photo below), who recently wrote a 2-part story for the Valley Advocate called "How Not to Save Old Main."

Two options for listening: use the direct links, or use the embedded flash player at the bottom to stream without having to leave the page.

The Citizens Advisory Committee: Was Demolition Inevitable?
The Math, The Master Plan
Civic Monuments and Insurance Liability
The NDC and Save Old Main
Jack: Information on the Community Preservation Act


P. Mastrangelo said...

Mary, great show. Mark, Jack, and Mary, thanks for the discussion, very informative and useful for a better understanding.

Community Radio Hour rocks!

Tris Metcalfe said...

I believe Jack is honest when he said there was no way to reuse or redevelop Old Main, but then it becomes pure and sad ignorance on his part.

Bruce Becker an experienced developer of this scale project with decrepit falling down buildings in worse shape than Old Main very much wanted to redevelop that site reusing most of the historic equity. He was not invited nor was he encouraged at all by our city government nor the CAC with so many closed minded.

It's very simple the valuable land had scary buildings on it so destruction was their ignorant and only choice. End of story.