Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Editorial: Cheer Up

Greetings from the Bohemian Wing of the Progressive Party of the Paradise City of America, AKA Northampton, Massachusetts. Our historic Kirkbride 19th-century lunatic asylum on the hill got torn down in 2006, an airport hotel was chosen was chosen as the primary monument to anchor our most important public square, a highway expansion is planned that, if implemented, will cut a swath through the Connecticut River Meadows, a neighborhood of good old houses last year met the wrecking ball to enable the expansion of Smith College....The people are outraged, calling for an examination of "best practices" in municipal decision-making, but the process of creating the "best practices" committee itself has been marked by gothic maneuvering....

Oh, Cheer Up. Those in charge have your best interests at heart. Buncha Whiners. Get a coffee to go at the Haymarket and go stand outside of Thornes with your favorite local street musician and watch the world go by. Best Little Arts Town in America? Some things in life can't be bought.

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P. Mastrangelo said...

what an entertaining post! subtle jabs and a little heel from your shoe for good measure. Funny too. good stuff.