Friday, February 8, 2008

Five-Minute Presentations, Best Practices Finalists

Two of the eight finalists for the Ad Hoc Committee on Best Practices withdrew their applications since the last council meeting: Bonnie Rose and Patty Morey-Walker. The remaining six (Lisa DiPiano, Wendy Foxmyn, Alex Ghiselin, Peter Hirschman, Kevin Lake, and Jim Palermo) campaigned one last time at Thursday's regular meeting.
Footage shot by Northampton Community Television; Primitive extract, trim, and upload by CRH blogmeister.

Lisa DiPiano

Wendy Foxmyn

Alex Ghiselin

Peter Hirschman

Kevin Lake

Jim Palermo

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P. Mastrangelo said...

you know whats real fun? hit play on all the videos one after another.